Vineyard Tour at Bodega Dos Búhos


Vineyard Tour at Bodega Dos Búhos

Duration :   2.5 Hours
The Price :   $58
Max People :    10

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Coyote Canyon Adventures invites you to know first-hand the wine making process at Bodega Dos Búhos as part of the Guanajuato Wine Circuit.

Bodega Dos Búhos is an oasis of creativity, art and architecture. Focused on understanding nature and using ancestral vinification techniques, every detail of the production becomes an extraordinary experience and a work of art.

At the end of the visit to the vineyards and cellars, you can deepen your knowledge about wine and its visual, olfactory and gustatory characteristics with a wine tasting.


On the 5 wines option, the tour takes 1 more hour.

Picnic Wine Tour: After the guided tour and tasting (3 wines), we will offer you a picnic with Quiche Lorraine, Baguette and cheeses, organic salad, Gourmet chocolate chip cookie with sangria or fruit water.


Places You’ll See :

1Bodega dos búhos

What's Included

  • 2 guests Min
  • Access to the Site
  • Guides
  • Tasting
  • Transportation


  • Vineyard

Location Map


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